Travelling in Pieces: Overview & Twine

My current passion project: ‘Travelling in Pieces’ is a story-driven, post-technological game set in a future where those surviving the rampage of an enhanced human army are forced to live in the harsh wilderness like our ancestors did.

You play as Flena, a young woman ripped out of cryostasis and thrusted into a world she does not recall having a past or present. Flena is labelled as an ‘Icie’; human test subjects who failed the enhancement process and put in a cryogenic pod to heal. After being ripped from cryostasis, Flena is sold as a sex-slave to the growing Trina clan and escapes through a bloody rampage; Flena quickly learns that she cannot rely on anyone to understand her and survive in this new world. Not even herself.

When clicking on the image below, you will be whisked away to one of the many quests within ‘Travelling in Pieces’ written with Twine. This quest is called ‘Rite of Passage’ and takes place in Act 1 of the game. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys!

Artwork by Symeona Kanellou (Twitter:

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