‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ made by Eidos Montreal, provides the best visual representation of what I imagine the Droids in ‘Travelling in Pieces’ to look like. However, their augmentations don’t appear above the skin. Droids look just like humans and Icies, some do have cybernetic limbs on for show but majority have mechanical muscles and organs that process differently to humans.

Droids are strong adversaries who are capable at moving fast and striking hard. Taking them on is hardly recommended and to be in a fight with one will surely spell death. Droids usually fight in packs but can work alone. On top of this, there are different types of Droids, each with physical characteristics noticeable to the trained eye. These skills make Droids the apex predator of ‘Travelling in Pieces’.

Jaguars: Known for their fast running speed, invisibility and extendable legs. Jaguar Droids are the stealthiest and cruelest of their kind. They lurk in buildings, shrubbery or any kind of area they can hide and stalk their prey. Jaguar Droids are able to rip through skin thanks to their enhanced strength and have only recently started biting into prey after hearing of the titles given to them. If killed, their parts can be used to make Holo-Guns. They can be differentiated by the moving plates under their skin and scarred necks.
– Work alone or in duos
– Areas found: Hadrania, Vernox and some areas in Kindal Region.

Berserkers: Berserker Droids charge into battle and fight dirty. They are fueled by the rage common in Icies and do not hesitate to kill on sight. The Berserker Droids make their presence known and are quick to cause a commotion; yelling and screaming to alert others and frighten their victims. Do not let one near you! They can be discerned by shaved heads and red paint littered on their bodies.
– Work in duos or trios
– Areas found: Hadrania, Vernox and Pol Clan land.

Whispers: These Droids are considered the smartest of the Droids, being able to disable any technology used prior to the fall of society such as automatic rifles and computers. Whisper Droids are not as strong and rely on their ability to emulate human behaviour to slip in and quickly kill humans. They are bold enough to enter clan camps as well. Can be hard to characterize, watch their speech and movements. They use swords and scythes to fight usually.
– Work alone
– Areas found: Anywhere

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