Vernox was an internationally renowned cybernetics and augmentation company founded by Noah Vernox. Noah was a Swedish doctor hoping to create the perfect human physique free of the physical and mental deterioration that comes with mortality. Starting with cybernetic arms and legs, Noah soon discovered a better way to cure the human condition. This was done by utilising cybernetic augmentations that went under the epidermis and were programmed to create and maintain their own tendons and molecular systems. In their final state, the augmentations were capable of stretching out limbs, healing internal wounds and replacing pacemakers just to name a few.

With this newfound discovery, Vernox Corporations held medical trials in each of their worldwide facilities hoping to cure the ailments of those with debilitating injuries, cancer, physical deformities and other issues. However, unbeknownst to the scientists, surgeons and patients alike; Vernox’s newfound technology had detrimental effects on the patients decision making skills, emotions and hormonal systems. Subjects were becoming physically stronger and had the ability to disarm weapons and basic machinery. The patients were now devoid of basic human emotions and lacked any sense of morality.

These patients soon became murderous; killing staff and escaping their facilities to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populace of countries around the globe. Within weeks, American, European, Japanese and Australasian populations were diminished. Those who did survived were forced into natural and suburban regions where new communities called ‘clans’ were forged.

The Vernox facilities and towns surrounding are now occupied by the beings labelled as Droids. Their main goal is to kill and harvest humans for replacement organs and have recently widened their hunting grounds to areas like the Kindal region. But Droids are not the only beings living in these desolate towns, failed test subjects known as ‘Icies’ and scientists were put ‘on ice’ to be used for future studies but are now priceless to the surviving populace.

Flena is one of these Icies, taken out of Vernox and Hadrania into the unforgiving Kindal Region. Flena tries to survive in a bid to find some semblance of peace from her plagued mind and raging body.


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