As Vernox’s medical trials started across the globe, it became evident rather quickly that not all bodies could handle the augmentations and mental strain that came with theHealing Process. Many patients suffered from PTSD-like panic attacks that would make them violent and once over would put them in a placid, almost vegetative state.

To salvage what little humanity was left in these patients, Vernox put them under cryostasis within their facilities and lied to countless families stating they were merely at a medical retreat overseas. Unlike Droids, who survived the full 6-month transformation, Icies were kept under cryostasis long after the fall of society. For example, Flena was trapped in cryostasis for 5 years and once awakened initially returned to her vegetative state. Unable to properly move or speak, Flena and many other Icies were transported by Deliverers to Trina to be sold as slaves, workers or fighters for the respective buyer.

However, Deliverers are on the clock as the Icies’ Reboot Period only lasts for a limited time before their minds and bodies reawaken and they most likely murder their captors.

This phase is called the Rebirth Period and is the phase Icies are best known for within ‘Travelling in Pieces’. In this state, they’re characterized as emotionless beings with scars littering their bodies and shaved heads. They range in physique depending on how long they lasted during the Healing Process and seem to lose control over their bodies constantly, entering into an enraged state where they match and sometimes surpass the strength Droids are known to have.

This rage that consumes them comes from Phantoms: repressed memories and emotions that come flooding back thanks to external stimuli and being out of cryostasis. The shelf life of Icies is rather short thanks to this Rage Period, as they either die in battle or go insane and commit suicide to save themselves from the evident stress that enshrouds them. Flena experiences these episodes more frequently throughout the game but is able to utilize them in-game to kill enemies. When experiencing a Phantom or using rage mode, a kaleidoscopic pattern glazes over the eyes of Icies. Their  movements also become erratic.

Icies are frowned upon by many within the Kindal region due to their lack of empathy and likeness to Droids. If the Icie escapes their slavery it becomes very hard for them to find shelter in the region. They have to rely on themselves to survive in the wilderness. For example, Flena lives off the land and sometimes steals or barters with travelling merchants to get clothing and other resources before she meets Ty.

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