Gameplay Mechanics


A lot of these are still up to change and are in early stages of development.


– Third-person when running, climbing and other actions outside of combat.
– Over-the-shoulder third person when shooting/aiming.
– When talking to NPC’s the camera will shift between who is talking.
– Dialogue options will lead to a characters face in full view and options underneath. There will be a timer bar for some dialogue options.

Rage Mode

OVERVIEW: Flena’s Phantoms strike a chord within her, giving her super-human strength and speed for a limited time. The power gained from such intrusive thoughts allows her to literally rip through her enemies with ease. (Has similarities to ‘God Of War’ in terms of Kratos’ strength boost and ‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ for visual and auditory changes)

– When utilized, the players HUD has drastic visual and auditory changes: Kaleidoscopic images surround the edge of the screen and, depending on how long it is used for, can take over the entire viewport.
– Flena and the player can also hear whispers. This makes it harder to see and focus, making it more challenging to fight but rewarding if done correctly.
– If you survive the fight, the images will slowly pulse away.
– Droids cannot be instantly killed by Rage Mode.
– Animals can be killed instantly but will lessen how much food/health the player can get back from it.
Humans can be killed either instantly or in multiple hits. However, some of their gear/loot can be destroyed (MAYBE).
If used too much, Flena will faint. Ty or whomever is with her must revive her if this occurs but it does not remove the ailments listed above (MAYBE).
Flena will also infrequently have her damage go up or down without warning. (MAYBE)


Holo-Guns: The only bit of technology that droids cannot track. These weapons are owned by Deliverers, Bounty Hunters and Tribe guards who face bigger threats than mere hunters.
– Are rare to find and use, mainly in the Hadrania region or can be given by those who trust Flena.
– Can utilize plasma energy.
– Bullets can be absorbed by the weapon, they get sucked into the Holo-Gun and can be fired. But not as reliable.

Deliverer Gear: Nail guns, buzzsaws, swords and bayonets.

Bow and Arrow/Crossbow: Ty’s main choice of fighting, one is made for Flena too.

Spear: Flena’s main choice of weapon. This makes her fighting style very aggressive as she must run in to collect her spear if thrown.

Weapon Upgrades

– Healing items and ammo can be created in the field.
– Major upgrades to weaponry and armour is only done at camps or upgrade tables.
– Certain items can add a laser pointer to the spear to make trajectory easier to follow and it can also be equipped with needles that, when shot, can paralyze victims.


– Rage Mode cannot be upgraded to remove images or auditory sounds.
– However, the number of enemies that can be taken out and how they can is upgraded (‘Batman Arkham Knight’ Fear Mode).
– The weapons that can be used in Rage Mode can be upgraded.
– Droids can be upgraded to be killed instantly by Rage Mode.


Dialogue Options: These allow for Flena to either embrace her oncoming emotions or deny them.
– Can influence relationships.
– Can lead to fights.
– Does not hinder or upgrade any affects of Phantoms.

– EXP bar: Displays how far from a level up.
– HP bar: Watches and display health.
– Healing Items: Horizon Dawn utilises red flowers to heal their player. I want to use something similar. Animals, herbs etc.

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