Ty is an enigma to those residing within the Kindal Region. All that can be agreed upon is that he does not fit the stereotypical Icie description, even though he claims to be one. The man is a smooth-talker, able to worm his way out of any situation by offering or cashing in on favours. He also seems to know everyone’s business in great detail, using it to his advantage to better his chances of survival. However, when his words don’t work, Ty is a skilled marksman with his bow; able to take out any opponent with ease. He is definitely someone to befriend than spurn.

Luckily for Flena, Ty takes a great interest in her, offering to assist in gaining her immunity within the Region to get Trina off her back. Flena, as always, is cautious of the other Icie, uncertain of his true intentions. On the outside, Ty seems like a calm and collected individual, who isn’t afraid to help others. But under the surface, a lot of guilt follows Ty, and Flena is left to wonder why he is so adamant on helping her. Was it to combat some deep-seated regret? Alas, she does not question him, knowing the truth will come out eventually, good or bad.

Even with these unanswered questions, the two grow close along their journey. With their relationship comes more Phantoms for Flena and the plan to get the player immunity changes into a search for the man in Flena’s memories. Ty is excited at the prospect but Flena has no care for her past, refusing to admit otherwise.

Ty is a dark-skinned man looking to be in his mid-twenties, he has an athletic build with scars lining his arms and a small one on his scalp. His dark-brown afro is shaved at the sides and he also has the symbol of Pol painted onto his right cheek. As pictured above, he dons a black t-shirt under his green combat jacket, he also wears navy pants/jeans and brown boots good for any terrain. On his back is his quiver loaded with his owl-feather arrows and he hides a pocket knife in his jacket.

Ty’s weapon of choice is his signature bow and crossbow, he even makes a crossbow for Flena to use. Ty’s first bow is made out of wood with metal plates near the risers and the bowstring is a bright gold. As the game progresses, Ty can craft a metal bow from Jaguar Droid parts. This upgrade allows him to go invisible and shoot multiple arrows at a time.

Some of Ty’s gear.