Unlike Ty, Flena fits the bill for an Icie: ruthless, with unwavering strength and a lack of compassion for others. However, what people don’t see is the kindness that peers through when she helps others who are in life-threatening situations. This does not mean she is altruistic though. Flena mostly prefers to stay out of people’s way and remain a mystery to the world that thinks it knows her. She does not brag about her skills, but is a worthy opponent with her spear. The Icie believes she is putting it to better use than Havon ever was. Havon was the Trina Clans’ Guard Commander until Flena killed him in a fit of rage once fully awakened.

At first, like all Icies, Flena’s mind and body was catatonic. Unable to respond to simple stimuli and form coherent thoughts. It is only once she is transported to the Trina Clan and sold as a sex slave to Havon does her mind and body awaken. In a murderous fit, spurned by the failed Vernox experiments done on her, she kills him. Havon was not only a commander but the brother of the Clan Chieftain, Josiah. Chief Josiah places a bounty on Flena’s head. This bounty forces Flena to run into the wilderness and survive on her own. She finds deep peace when not surrounded by others and is content with not really knowing who she is, naming herself after the Whisper that rings through her mind.

However, Flena is not left alone for long and forced to work with Ty. Ty introduces himself as an Icie, yet seems to share none of the same characteristics she holds. He always comes off as mysterious, kind-hearted, and too curious for his own good.

Ty offers to help Flena gain immunity to avoid the wrath of the Trina Clan. While Flena does not fear them, it would benefit her to travel the lands peacefully. So, she agrees and the two begin working together. Along their journey they help others and slowly learn of Flena’s past, much to her dismay. Through their adventures arises an inner conflict for Flena: to either keep running from her past or face the Phantoms and the clans frowning upon her.

Flena has a slim form with little muscle that develops over time in ‘Travelling in Pieces’ due to the heavy lifting, running, and hunting she does. She looks to be in her early twenties but her blue eyes full of untapped emotions age her significantly. Flena’s blonde hair on the right side of her head is unruly and wavy, with an undercut on the left side of her scalp. The hair can be braided by Ty.

As pictured above, she wears a white, sleeveless t-shirt of similar design made of wolf fur, cotton or jean-like pants, black boots, and two blue armbands, one on her left arm (throwing arm) and a smaller one on her right. She has a thigh holster for her spear and a backpack for all her other gear. Flenas spear is adorned with carvings and feathers. The spear can be upgraded to be longer, thrown further/faster, and shoot small projectiles.

Some of Flena’s gear.