Deliverers, Bounty Hunters & Clan Guards

Deliverers and Bounty Hunters are interchangeable titles and only differ in the roles of collection and termination. They dress similarly to Eidos Montreal’s protagonist, Garrett, in ‘Thief’. They don breathable clothing with tactical balaclavas, safety harnesses to attach to ropes, knives in thigh holsters and back holsters for spears, Holo-Guns and other tools to bypass Droids and enter Vernox buildings with ease.

Holo-Guns are similar to plasma rifles featured in many games, (‘The Outerworlds’ plasma rifle is pictured) but in ‘Travelling in Pieces’ are made by Jaguar Droid parts. By installing their invisibility apparatus into the plasma rifle, it can be made completely invisible or have a hue similar to the Energy Swords found in ‘Halo’. Their colour changes depending on how much ammo is left in the gun: a light blue if full and a deep red if empty.

Originally, Deliverers began by collecting and selling pelts, meats, herbs and other resources to the three clans. All were originally hunters or explorers who wanted more in life. Vernox scientists that did survive were herded and put on trial by the remaining populace, with one telling of the remaining test subjects left in cryostasis. Once this was bought to light, Deliverers were now given the excitement they were looking for and were tasked by the clans to collect these forgotten people to be ‘reintegrated into society’.

The first collection of Icies went without a hitch. The people were quickly integrated into clan camps and worked to help rebuild society. But unknown to all, the Icies entered what was known as the ‘Rebirth Period’ and were driven crazy by their Phantoms. The Icies slaughtered many before being killed. This event forced the clans to rethink whether it was worth freeing them. Some believed they could be rehabilitated while others wanted to use them as warriors or slaves. In the end, the Trina Clan decided to use them as slaves, tasking Deliverers to hand them over and ask no questions.

Deliverers/Bounty Hunters have no qualms with Icies, willing to work and trade with them if need be. However, they will kill anyone who threatens them and are not afraid to kill Droids.

Guards of the Kindal Region

These are some of the things found on Trina guards

Guards on the other hand, fight to protect their place of birth with each clan having varying types of armour and attitudes towards Icies and outsiders in general. Trina is the most aggressive of the three clans, happy to kill anyone who does wrong to the Clan and its leaders.

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