Kindal Region

The Kindal Region is inspired by Norwegian and Swedish native land, with their expansive lakes, rivers, mountains, caves and forests.

Gorpho Clan

The mountainous region (inspired by Norways Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda National Parks) are home to the nomadic Gorpho Clan. The Clan’s home spreads over three mountains, all as dangerous as the last. The Gorpho Clan is constantly in desperate need of food and resources due to the artic weather and a drop in game to hunt. The land itself can prove treacherous to those not used to the mountainous region. But, thanks to the locals, there are man-made trails, bridges and ropes to allow residents and visitors alike to traverse the land.

Attributes of the Gorpho Clan land:
– Similar to Hardangervidda: there are wide open areas with no shrubbery or trees but are littered with countless lakes and pools of water.
– Similar to Jotunheimen: this area of the Kindal region is renowned for its fishing, hunting and resource gathering; providing pelts, meat, fish and wood to keep the Gorpho clan thriving until recently.
– The weather ranges from strong storms or heavy downpour to cool, breezy days. Both can cause the player issues when traversing terrain such as steep slopes, wobbly bridges and crumbling ledges.
– Wildlife is scarce in this area due to a rise in Droid activity who are slaughtering wildlife to draw out more Hunters.
– The Clan resides in forest areas with huts spread across the land for when they rotate with the seasons.
– At the base of the three mountains is a sanctum for visitors to frequent. It is also a training ground for Ulina’s personal guard and Bounty Hunters.

Pol Clan

The cavernous and forest region is owned by the Pol Clan, who occupy natural caves to house their small Clan. The forest region is home to many creatures both prey and predator for Flena. This Clan is desperate for warriors and followers. They hope to grow their Clan and take on the Droids that have spread from nearby Hadrania and into their region. Being closest to Hadrania’s borders, the Pol clan are most adept at handling Droids but have also had the most casualties thanks to it. The natives have set up barriers and long walls out of mud and clay bricks. They’ve also set countless traps hoping to catch prey or trespassers. The weather in this region is fairly consistent; with warm breezes and minimal rain.

Attributes of the Pol Clan land:
– Caves are based off of the Lummelunda Cave in Sweden which has a dry and wet side to it. Another inspiration comes from the natural caves in Guadix, Spain.
– The Pol Clan reside in the both areas; sleeping in the dry side and gathering resources in the wet.
– Above and around the cave system is forest full of traps, dried up lakes and running rivers that go through the cave.
– The cave system itself can be scaled up to exit in certain areas that have been made by the Pol Clan over the years.

Trina Clan

The Clan and region players first inhabit within ‘Travelling in Pieces’ is the Trina clan. This Clan has the least harmony with nature as they have cut down many of the trees inhabiting the area to create large cabins, lodges and markets that are navigated by Deliverers, Icies and other Clan members. The Trina Region is a central hub for trade of both legal and illegal substances. Icies, which the Trina Clan hunt for within Hadrania, are the most common trade. The wildlife around Trina is either paddocked by farmers or killed on site for food.

Attributes of Trina Clan land:
– There are buildings constantly being renovated, expanded or made from the ground up. Acting as a reflection on how quickly humans today remove natural land.
– This area is a rather cloudy one, with minimal rain and sunlight providing a constant overcast.
– The land is littered with campfires to be used by travellers and hunters alike.
– The land is fairly flat with small hills.

Alphabet and symbols utilized by the Kindal Region.

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