Hadrania is the central hub for Droids within ‘Travelling in Pieces’. Hadrania is the deserted surrounding area of Vernox buildings where high risk high reward bounties are placed. Deliverers all around the region must pass through this dangerous area to get to the Icies hidden within Vernox’s walls. Hadrania, like many other towns, were bombed by military forces to try and dwindle the Droid population. Many Droids and survivors were killed in the bombings, but this didn’t stop their murderous rampage.

Hadrania is also a proving grounds for many warriors in the Kindal Region and surviving two days there grants an amazing reputation and riches from all the clans. While Flena and Ty care little for the riches, Ty believes that performing the trial can gain Flena immunity in all three clans instead of one.

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