Character Design


The protagonist of ‘Freedom Incorporated’. Anama was once a top tier worker at Freedom Corporations, but the monotony of her job made her realise there is more to life than hitting company objectives. After being scrapped by the CEO, Anama escapes the junkyard with a new objective: To save her co-workers and help them see that they are more than just a number.

Anama Mechanics
– Anama’s main way of attacking is by jumping on the heads of P-bots and punching K-bots.
– When sent to the junkyard, Anama discovers an intact propeller that she attaches to her right arm. This enables her to double jump!
– When saving her fellow co-workers, Anama will place her hat on their heads to transfer her knowledge to them. Not all bots will wish to change and will become mini bosses.
– When fighting mini bosses, the main way to attack is by climbing the numerous platforms to reach their head. Melee does less damage on the lower parts of the mini boss.


The K-Bot (Killer Bot) patrols throughout levels looking out for any trespassing robots or workers off schedule. They are usually found alone but are spread out consistently over the level.

K-Bot Mechanics
– The K-Bot is equipped with a grapple rope that is fired at the player. If contact is made, the player will be dragged along by the K-Bot. Sometimes leaving the player in less than favourable places. The K-Bot will aim to drag the player over dead zones or into enemy fire.
– K-Bots will chase the player from above, aiming at the player before firing their grapple. There is a cooldown if they miss. This gives the player time to attack or run away.
– The best way to handle K-Bots is mid-air melee as the K-Bots are too high for a head bounce.


The P-Bot (Protector Bot), forms electromagnetic fields around Worker Bots to ensure they are not interrupted or leave for their break too soon. They can sometimes be found near secret rooms and electric boxes that power other platforms. They follow a simple path up and down near the curve of the force field. P-Bot’s are usually found in groups of two to three.

– P-Bots will release a surge of energy if hit in the body by the player. The player will be immobilized temporarily and could fall if not careful.
– P-Bots move faster than K-Bots, meaning the player needs to be precise when jumping on their heads.
– P-Bots will not chase the player like K-Bots. Making them somewhat easier to handle.


The I-Bot (Intel Bot) is the only robot (beside Worker Bots) that will not attack the player. These robots love gathering intel on its workers and one has taken a great interest in Anama even after her termination.

I-Bot Mechanics
– This robot appears at the end of each level to provide performance information in terms of collectibles, time it took to complete the level, how many deaths, etc.
– At the beginning of each level, the I-Bot will fly on-screen from the left then zip off to the right waiting for Anama at the end.